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Safe Rodent Control | December 16, 2017

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Got rats? New safe rodent control website to the rescue!

Got rats? New safe rodent control website to the rescue!

Welcome to the newly launched Safe Rodent Control website.  This site was developed by a coalition of municipalities, pest-control practitioners, conservation groups and children’s health advocates committed to providing families and communities with a menu of safe, effective and affordable rodent-control options.

A Dynamic Resource Center

In an effort to promote nontoxic and cost-effective alternatives to rodenticides, the Safe Rodent Control (SRC) coalition created this new online resource center. The information presented on this website is backed by solid scientific data based on studies from well-regarded sources, as well as recommendations from government agencies, such as EPA. It examines the risks of using rodenticides, guidelines for maintaining a rodent-free home and ways to treat a rodent infestation. Learn how the state and federal government regulate rodenticides, and share your own story about the effects of rodenticide use or rodent control strategies.

Diverse Coalition

The Safe Rodent Control coalition consists of members practicing safe rodent control methods such as the city and county of San Francisco, a leader in reducing the use of hazardous rodenticides.  Private pest control operators who successfully control rodents without the use of rodenticides are also members.  Other members include conservation groups working to prevent wildlife poisonings, organizations dedicated to understanding the human health impacts of pesticides, as well as partners focused on the impacts of rodenticides on pets.