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Safe Rodent Control | December 16, 2017

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Rodenticides in the Farallones Meeting

Rodenticides in the Farallones Meeting
There will be a public comment on a pending decision by Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council about whether to formally support aerial application of the toxic rodenticides “Brodifacoum-25D Conservation” and/or “Diphacinone-50 Conservation” in the midst of the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary for the stated purpose of invasive mouse eradication.

When: Wednesday, November 20, at 11:45 am

Where: Morgan Horse facility, Pt. Reyes National Seashore, Pt. Reyes, California (directions below)


Background: The Farallon National Wildlife Refuge has a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) out for public review with comments due in December.  The separate Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council, which advises our Marine Sanctuary Superintendent on matters related to Sanctuary policy, is conducting a public meeting on November 20 in Pt. Reyes Station and will be voting on whether to support the DEIS and the recommended option for aerial dispersal of rodenticide on the South Farallon Islands in an effort to assist in eradicating invasive mice that attract burrowing owls which then become predators of the Ashy Storm Petrel.  The Sanctuary Advisory Council will be hearing from the public starting at 11:45 am Pacific time on the morning of Wednesday, November 20 on this or any other related topic.


Click here to see the environmental impact statement and agenda for this meeting.


Please note the public comment period and subsequent decision on whether to oppose, support, or support with conditions the current proposal by Farallones National Wildlife Refuge for aerial rodenticide application.


Detailed directions to the meeting:


DIRECTIONS: Turn left at the large red barn. Follow the signs for visitor information to the Bear Valley Visitor Center. Please park in the lot across from the visitor center, near the Bear Valley Trailhead. Across from the parking lot is a paved road that goes up to the Morgan Horse Ranch, the Seashore Association building, and a private residence. Walk up the hill and follow the road to the right. The Seashore Association building, the large white house with the brick
stairs, is on the left. The white house on the right is a private residence (please do not disturb the occupant). If necessary, you may drive up to the Association building to load/unload your gear. Cars must then be reparked at the bottom of the hill. If you have a disabled placard you may drive up the hill and park at the Morgan Horse Ranch in the handicap parking space.