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Safe Rodent Control | December 16, 2017

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Are Gophers or Moles Ruining Your Yard?

Are Gophers or Moles Ruining Your Yard?

Got gophers, moles or voles tunneling through your lawn and garden? These pests can transmit diseases and cause property damage, making their removal a top priority when dirt mounds, ruined plantings or failing turf is discovered. While it is tempting to view rodenticides as the convenient solution for their removal, these products are poisonous to humans, pets and wildlife. Strychnine, a common ingredient in gopher baits and gases, is highly toxic to all life. Instead, take control with targeted techniques to eliminate unwanted rodents without the risk of non-target poisonings.

Learn how to safely and effectively meet your goals with Safe Rodent Control (SRC)—an online resource center offering informationand solutions to help you keep your home and garden rodent-free while providing information on the human health and environmental risks associated with rodenticide use.

SRC’s Gopher, Mole and Vole Control guideline highlights basic preventative measures, such as selecting neutral plants, encouraging the presences of natural predators, and building wire barriers along with effective treatment options for handling an infestation. Using the tools and resources within SRC, you will be able to make informed decisions that protect kids, pets and wildlife when dealing with rodents in and around your home.

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