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Safe Rodent Control | February 25, 2018

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About SRC


Living Rodent-Free While Keeping Families, Pets, and Wildlife Safe

The Safe Rodent Control (SRC) Coalition promotes resources to help you manage rodents safely, effectively, and affordably without the harmful impacts of chemical rodent control methods. SRC is a resource center supported by a broad coalition of stakeholders striving to protect children, pets, and wildlife from exposure to rodenticides.


SRC is committed to providing information on safe, cost-effective rodent control solutions and the risks of rodenticide use

SRC focuses on the following key areas:

  • Real Life Solutions: An easy-to-follow guide of best practices in safe rodent control solutions – from excellent exclusion tactics to an overview of the most effective, affordable traps.
  • Rodenticides – Know the Science: Our resources include the latest and most comprehensive scientific reports and fact-sheets on the risks of using rodenticides in your home or business.
  • At Risk – Children, Pets & Wildlife: An in-depth, science-based outlook on how chemical rodent control methods put children, pets and wildlife in danger; including up-to-date poisoning data.
  • Stay Informed: From the history of rodenticides to a regulatory overview, learn everything you need to know about the past, present and future of rodenticide use.
  • The Coalition: An alliance of non-profit organizations, municipalities, businesses, scientists, and others dedicated to safeguarding your family and pets, and vulnerable wildlife through safe rodent control measures.